Tinnitus: My Head Under Water.

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Have you heard that tinnitus usually comes from just one reason or specific incident? Actually, this is not always the case. But, there is one cause, among the common ones, that is happening to around 2 out of 10 people.

Siopi, which is a tinnitus learning app, went and analyzed nearly one thousand people with tinnitus, to learn about the initial causes in tinnitus patients. Overall, it saw that 17% of people stated that their tinnitus has started after having ear-fullness sensations. Sounds familiar? Well, actually this happens every time we dive underwater or take off in an airplane, that air-feeling blocking your ears, that’s ear-fullness. It often occurs when the pressure in our ear is not equal to the air pressure outside, and that’s usually when we yawn to release the sensation.

The most interesting thing about all this is that some claim that this feeling has come out of nowhere.

Highlighted findings:

  • On average, people with this initial cause of tinnitus feel more stress-consistency than those who have not declared this as their initial cause.
  • On a scale from 1 to 10 in sensation levels, 30% of the people are giving scores of 9 or even 10. So when we have ear-fullness as the initial cause, manifestation levels are likely to be very high.
  • People with tinnitus derived from ear-fullness tend to have symptoms like cracking, vertigo, or ear-blocked more often than people without this initial cause.

People suffering from tinnitus wonder why some symptoms arise, where do these symptoms come from, and why are they manifesting as much? When the initial cause of tinnitus has come from an ear-fullness sensation, it is common to see symptoms around vertigo, hearing loss, and ear pain.

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