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"Seeing that I'm not the only one, that there are other people with these same symptoms, makes you feel less alone".
- Mariam
(24, tinnitus symptoms since 2 years ago)

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They support us

France Acouphènes.

Official partnership with the patients association France Acouphènes.

Societe francaise d'orl et de chirurgie de la face et du cou

Société Française D'orl.

Awarded the “prize of innovation” of The Hearing Science Day, from Société Française D’ORL (SFORL).

BPI France.

Awarded the “Deep Tech” label & “Emergence French Tech Grant” from BPI France.


Accelerated by French Public Accelerator Wilco.

Traiter Acouphènes

Official partnership with digital medial support.

Meet the team

Louis Korczowski

Louis Korczowski 🇫🇷


Robin Guillard

Robin Guillard 🇫🇷


Mazen Halawi

Mazen Halawi 🇱🇧

Senior Mobile Developer


Zaheer Jan 🇵🇰

Senior Developer

carlos resto

Carlos Ferrer 🇲🇽

Marketing Manager

adam h

Adam Hessas 🇫🇷

Data Scientist


What does the Siopi app allows to do?

Meet people with similar symptoms and no longer be drowned in irrelevant information. Find out what therapies people have tried and what worked for them.

Is Siopi free?

Yes, and it will remain so forever. The content in Siopi is created by the community, for the community.

How is personal data managed?

The data will not be shared for commercial purposes. It may be used for advanced public research, in which case it will anonymize as long as you give your consent. And second, improve the app via internal research which may be the subject of scientific publications or communication. The data, in this case, is pseudonymized.

Who is behind Siopi?

The founders are Robin Guillard (doctoral student and engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique) and Louis Korczowski (engineer, doctor in signal processing, and researcher). Siopi also has a technical team, software engineers, and data scientists.

How is Siopi financed?

The app is funded by a Lopez-Loreta grant obtained by Robin Guillard for his work on tinnitus. Also, we have subsidies and aid from the French government via the BPI.

Is there a desktop version?

For now, Siopi's app is only available on mobile and tablet.