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CEO of Siopi

Louis Korczowski, PhD.

Meet the CEO

“Before developing tinnitus, I experienced medical wandering for depression. It was seven years of hell, back to square one and false hope.

For me, there was no treatment but with a lot of effort, and trying different therapies, I was able to gradually regain control of my life. This was possible because I took a lot of time to find out. I spent hours on the internet, on forums, and even reading scientific articles.

But I was alone when I had to try drugs with only side effects. I was alone when I had to look for what could work for me when the doctors had given up.

Finally, I managed to get out of it.

And it would be a shame if all this knowledge and experience that I have accumulated is not put to the benefit of people who are and will be in the same situation as me.”

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