How to join siopi with a referral code.

For now, Siopi is an invite-only app. By doing so, you will help the community grow in a caring and active way.

Good news tho! Siopeers are everywhere. You can kindly ask the following communities for an invite code.

French communities 🇫🇷

English communities 🇺🇸


Can I join Siopi without a referral?​

Unfortunately no, but getting a referral is easy enough, you just have to ask 🤗

Why do I need a referral?​

The app is free. Our resources are limited. Referral seems the most straightforward way to build a community with quality interactions.

Why should I even join?​

You have a unique opportunity to participate in this early community and nurture it like your garden. If you are not sure that you want to try Siopi, you can always come later. We will be always free and you'll be always welcome.

Where can I get a referral to join Siopi?​

You can find Siopeers everywhere on the internet. We are on Facebook groups, tinnitus forums, Reddit, and more. Kindly present yourself and ask for a referral in these networks and you will soon get a fellow Siopeer who will invite you.

What if I don't like the referral system?

We don't like it either. We want Siopi to be freely accessible to the entire world. However, we want to first take the time to grow a caring community. If you are really motivated to participate, you can request a referral code from