Tinnitus Shouldn’t Be Treat It As One-size Fits All: Robin Guillard.

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Frieder has suffered from tinnitus and has a loss of hearing, and is now a coach dedicated to helping people who suffer from tinnitus and hearing problems. He has created guides (science-backed) to improve the symptoms of tinnitus, has a podcast and a youtube channel.

Frieder and Robin discussed many interesting topics, mainly around:

  • Tinnitus heterogeneity: the different sub-groups in tinnitus patients.
  • The 4 stages of sleep and how to experience them.
  • Social media groups and their drawbacks.
  • Tinnitus, doctors, and medical wandering.
  • Siopi on how to meet someone with the same tinnitus as yours.
  • Machine learning and the challenge to cluster all tinnitus cases.

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